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The story of Beiton Pianist Mark Kuznets

In BE0002 (Beitonian Era 2nd Year), a lounge pianist by trade, Mark was hired to play at la Seul Plaisir during the night where Beiton Corporation CEO Robert Hamlyn was having a dinner arrangement with congresswoman Jessica Tallman for a small pre-celebration of Beiton particle technology achieving evolutionary breakthrough.

Mark had an extraordinary musical upbringing. As early as age 7, Mark has been regarded as the performer of God’s music. Coming from a poor family and desperate to break the generational curse, Mark’s mother accepted an offer and sent Mark away with a charming and appreciative music director Louis Bulford. Soon, Louis Bulford earned Mark’s trust and became his mentor. With Louis’s connection at the Beiton corporation, he convinced Mark to tryout for a highly selective program to better use of his musical talent to serve the state

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