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Jason Deciphers Event Zero

Name: Jason Kuznets

Age: 23


As a kid, Jason was fascinated by the novel Beiton technology! He dreamt to become a NanoTech Engineer one day and work for the Beiton NanoTech Corp and help improve the technology's application to better serve the society. However, unlike his friends and classmates who had exposure to Beiton particles already, his parents' harsh financial situation could not afford him to own any Beitons plans.

At the first Beiton NanoTech Exposition, Jason met with his classmate Ivy (Story Blog). Felt sympathetic to Jason's position at the time, Ivy gifted her person Beitons (somewhat equivalent to a level 1 subscription) to Jason and encouraged him to work hard to enter the Beiton Engineering Program.

Motivated by his Ivy's kindness, Jason had decided to take on a tough higher paying construction job after school to earn enough money so he could purchase the Beiton particles to enroll into the a intro course. However, when he finally saved enough money to purchase and incorporate the Beitons particles onto his body, he mysteriously passed out shortly after. Luckily, Ivy's father Dr. Hamlyn was passing by to see his daughter Ivy's competition at the school talent show. He saw Jason was having a rare kind of allergic reaction towards the Beitons on his body. He immediately took control of the server and stripped his Beitons off his body and allow Jason to regain consciousness. Now, Jason had to face his harsh reality and the most amount of Beiton particles his body can tolerate is the Level 1 subscription. 

When the world NanoTech giant Dr. Robert Hamlyn was killed, he vowed to Ivy that he would dedicate his life to solve the case and seek justice for her father. He joined the State Academy right after high school, which was a four-year program that offered a bachelor's degree and a guaranteed job at the State Security Commission, where he could utilize the Commission's tools and resources to personally investigate Ivy's case. 



Main Story:


After college, Jason had become a Special Agent working for the State Security Commission (SSC). In the field, he was a competent and hard-working agent.  He had a natural tendency to stay optimistic no matter how dire the situation might seem to be. 

Jason Kuznets

However, only a few months after Jason joined the Academy, Ivy disappeared. Four years had passed, Jason graduated from the academy and started working in the Criminal Investigation Division. It didn't take long before Jason got his eyes opened how corrupted the SSC had been operating in the field. 

Not until a recent new missing person case of a middle school student named Owen Butala where Jason started to investigate a local artist named Kaiden Nolan. 

Being a skilled Beiton tracer, Jason quickly found a suspicious pattern where Kaiden's Beitons were discovered at all the key locations where Owen had been through in the past. 

Jason Kuznets
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