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Quantum String Master Ivy Hamlyn Character Design Sheet

Today, I'm presenting the character design sheet for the main character of the story: String Master Ivy. In this character design sheet I detailed out the front, side and back view of Ivy and her different outfit so people can see how do the design function.

The Beitonian Era is in an unknown time period, not in the same cycle as our current modern 21st century. The outfit design has a cyberpunk taste with exposed shoulder and loose outer jackets, while still keep her appearance somewhat conservative.

Once Ivy mastered the manipulation of Xeiton strings, any resonance emanating from her body could spontaneously create destructive turbulence in her surroundings. Therefore, the String Master's special field jacket helps her encapsulate the energy generated by the vibration frequencies emanating from Ivy's body and stores this energy in the Xeitonian space. When the jacket is loosened, it not only opens the gate to allow the vibration energy to escape but also amplifies it on a magnificent scale.

The sole but profoundly devastating drawback of the String Master state is the eventual degradation of the user's cognitive functions, leading to memory loss and mental instability.

The Grand Resonator (Cello) equipped with G-string that vibrate a frequency to expand the confine boundaries of the strong force that binds particles into harder substances.

The Electro Flux (Violin) equipped with the supercharged E-string with the ability to create immense charges and generate substantial kinetic energy and heat through its vibration.

The Xeiton Hairpin vibrates at the frequency of D-string that manipulates the weak force. The vibration can accelerate the speed of particle decays. This is the first force Ivy learned to control.

The last force, which is gravitational force assigned to an A-string remained to be unknown and Ivy has yet to discover the secret to control it. Figuring out the path to unlock the last force will obtain the power to completely manipulate the reality in the current universe.

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