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Kaiden Nolan

Name: Kaiden Nolan

Age: 24


Kaipo Nolan's first son. Kaiden represented the "yin", or the shadow spectrum of Beiton utilization. He could pass his consciousness onto Beiton particles, one unique ability in which nobody, not even himself, understood it quite well. He knew the result had some association with his artwork and his blood. However, his deteriorating eyesight put a huge constraint on his drawing capability.

Kaiden always had a passion for art. He was Kaipo's disappointed son, who had accomplish nothing but barely making some money from being a local tattoo artist.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with early stage of Macular Degeneration as he started to have blurry images in his central visual field.  

His personal Beitons had mixed with his late mother's blood and gave birth to one of the most powerful Beiton humanoid known to mankind. And this humanoid took the form of his late brother Timmy Nolan. 

Kaipo Nolan and Robert Hamlyn had started the Beiton NanoTech Corporation (Beiton Corp.) together. Unbeknownst to everyone but a few, Kaipo had a deep connection with a secret organization named the Joseki Followers. After Kaipo started a family with Jane, he wanted to cut the tie from both the Beiton Corp. and the Joseki Followers to start anew. However, the plan didn't work out and Kaipo's family was assaulted during the move. The hitmen mercilessly murdered Timmy, Kaipo's favorite protege child, before the rest of the family got away. Jane had gone crazy afterwards. Kaipo couldn't bare the sorrow after watching his family falling apart. He had decided to leave his family to seek answers and peace. Before Kaipo headed out, he gave Kaiden his level 5 Beiton particles and asked him to take care of himself and his mother. 

Kaiden had to keep the condition of his family a secret to the outside world so his mother wouldn't end up in a mental hospital nor he end up in the hands of Child Service.

Kaiden Draw
Kaiden Nolan

Kaiden loved drawing. One night, he wanted to make mother happy, so he used his level 5 Beitons and rendered a pencil and paper to draw a portrait of Tim based off memory. At first, Jane seemed to respond well to Timmy's portrait.


Suddenly, Jane busted out crying uncontrollably and started hitting things within her reach. Kaiden ran out of the room quickly and locked Jane inside. Not for long, he suddenly heard a collapsing sound behind the door. He immediately opened the door and discovered his mom sitting in a pool of blood. Shocked from the scene, Kaiden called the emergency line. The responders showed up and carried Jane’s body away. He saw the portrait of Tim he drew was drenched in Jane’s blood, he picked it up and tried to dissipate the Beitons. However, the portrait would not dissipate. He thought it was a system glitch and folded the portrait and put it in his pocket. 

The Birth of Timmy Leong

Kaiden is now in Child Service’s custody. They gave him a room to spend the night over. Past midnight, Kaiden couldn’t fall asleep so he got up and wandered around the courtyard. He pulled out Timmy’s portrait with mom’s blood all over it, he tried to decimate the rendering but still no luck. He decided to reboot the server. The portrait immediately crumbled into Beiton particle dust. Then when he restarted the server, the system went haywire and what appeared in front of him, it’s his late brother Timmy. But this Timmy doesn’t appear to be a normal human. He has an extraordinary physique and was vibrant with a powerful aura. The air surrounding his body was becoming intensely ionized and pulsating streaks of electric sparks.


The Beiton Timmy calmed his energy state and said to Kaiden “Mother wanted to pass on an urgent message to you but her body couldn’t let her do it. But before we talk further, I’ll help you get out of this prison.”

Vanessa and Kaiden (2).JPG
Timmy Vanessa Kaiden Group
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