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Kayden in Studio.jpg

Name: Kayden Nolan

Age: 19 (First Season) 24 (Second Season)


Kayden Nolan is a talented artist with a tragic past. Losing his mother and brother at just 12 years old and abandoned by his father, Kayden had to become self-sufficient and live a minimalistic lifestyle. Despite the lack of proper care, he has honed his artistic skills to a level of mastery that has earned him a small following under the pseudonym "Soulcaster".

Kayden's reputation is built on his ability to create emotional pieces that deeply connect with his subjects. He pours his soul into every piece, going as

far as hiring a private investigator to delve into his client's life story. His works are renowned for their ability to create a visceral experience for the client, but mediocre to others.


One day, a wealthy prospect seeks out Kayden's services for a special painting. The painting not only needs to be magnificent, but it must communicate the prospect's true feelings towards his friend crush who is about to marry someone else in 12 months. Kayden takes on the challenge, empathetic to the prospect's story, and asks for a large sum of money in return.


With the help of his private investigator, Kayden creates a masterpiece that is a hit at the wedding. But three months later, the newlyweds' home burns down, and evidence suggests a suicidal event. The client is stunned, questioning whether Kayden's art has such a negative impact or if it's just a coincidence.


The client continues to commission "curse" pieces from Kayden, paying him handsomely. Kayden obliges, but the lucrative gigs start to take a toll on him as he doesn't feel good about carrying negative energy in his art. Little does he know, all of these paintings are part of a larger scheme.


The series of seemingly random paintings commissioned by "different" customers are designed to set a grand scheme in motion, one that will propel the anonymous client to the peak of his career success. The client has been carefully selecting individuals and using the power of Kayden's cursed paintings to manipulate and control them, ultimately leading to his own ascent. Kayden remains unaware of the true intentions behind the commissions, and continues to paint these pieces without realizing their true impact. Little does he know, his art has become a tool for the client's ambitious plans.

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