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Name: Vanessa Miyamoto

Age: 11 (First Season) 16 (Second Season)

Appearance: Vanessa has a youthful, yet determined look in her eyes, with a face that suggests she has seen her fair share of challenges. Her hair is a deep reddish-brown color, and she wears it in a long ponytail tied with a simple black hair tie. Her lean physique speaks to her disciplined upbringing, having been trained in the art of kendo by her father.

Background: Vanessa ran away from her tyrannical father Jiro Miyamoto, who forced her to follow a rigorous physical and academic curriculum. She joined a circus group and became good friends with the daughter of the circus master, Arabella. Vanessa was later recruited by a seasoned private investigator to infiltrate the circus group and gather information about their collusion with a criminal organization. After realizing that neither side had any good intentions, Vanessa orchestrated a conflict and destroyed both sides.

Personality: Vanessa is independent and self-reliant, preferring to work alone rather than in a group. She is also cautious and has high standards for the clients she takes on, refusing to compromise on her principles.

Skills: Vanessa is skilled in physical combat due to her training in kendo. She also has experience in gathering information and conducting investigations, making her a valuable asset as a private investigator.

Goals: Vanessa's main goal is to maintain her independence and autonomy while using her skills to help others. She seeks to use her talents to make a difference in the world, but only on her own terms.

Overall, Vanessa is a complex character with a strong sense of independence and a desire to use her skills to make a difference in the world. Despite her past traumas and struggles, she remains resilient and determined to forge her own path in life.

Vanessa and Friend.jpg

Initial Design of Vanessa (1)

Vanessa Miyamoto Character Design

Initial Design of Vanessa (2)


Vanessa and Arabella

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