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Vanessa Spectacle

Name: Vanessa Miyamoto

Age: 16


  • A very talented self-taught Beiton Architect who exploits the Beiton Designer Policy loopholes and design unique Beitonian weapons and tools.

Vanessa's father, Jiro Miyamoto, the head of the Miyamoto family and Miyamoto Spectacle, their struggling entertainment business also secretly was a key player in the Nakade division, or the Joseki Follower's Intelligence Division. To be able to reach various destinations without raising suspicions, yet also to earn money for the family, Jiro created Miyamoto Spectacle about 15 years ago. Their expertise lies in acrobatics, martial arts, magic tricks and animal training.

Vanessa was Jiro's only child. To continue advancing the family status in the organization, Jiro had no other option but to be extremely strict towards Vanessa. To be able for her to contribute to their entertainment business, he demanded Vanessa to excel in both academic and martial art skills. Amongst all the rigorous curriculums, Beiton architecture was her favorite subject, a discipline that combined art and science. Yet, she hated to practice martial arts. From the young age of two years up until Vanessa was 13 (as Kaiden moved into the family), Miyamoto Spectacle travelled through half of the world, wherever Jiro and his wife where sent by the Nakade division. The organization recognized Vanessa’s talent in acrobatics and martial arts very early on. They would have loved for her to join along her parents. Yet Jiro wanted to protect his daughter, so made them wait until she was old enough to make that decision for herself.

Vanessa and Drones

On one hand, Vanessa really enjoyed moving their travelling home every two to three months. Not many other young girls had seen as much of the world as Vanessa! She generally had a positive and cheerful attitude, so making new friends wasn’t difficult for her at all! Yet leaving those friends behind as their journey continued became harder every single time. At the start, Vanessa really enjoyed performing for Miyamoto Spectacle as well. But as she almost never received appreciation from her father, who was her biggest critic, she started to question herself, if being a performer was what she wanted.

The only consistent friends that stayed with Vanessa were the animals that they were training. Her long-time best friend was a little dog called Bruce. One day, Bruce had just shown up in front of their tent. The people loved to see Vanessa and Bruce together, as they grew very close and performed the best and funniest tricks together.

Bruce passed a few months before the Miyamoto family got the order to take Kaiden into their family. This meant, that the family would stop travelling around the world and settle their entertainment business in one place. Though not quite convinced about suddenly having a “brother” and being stressed from all her daily trainings, Vanessa was happy to settle down.

IMG_4274 (1).JPG

But as Kaiden actually moved in with the family, Vanessa was extremely annoyed because in her opinion, Kaiden was incompetent at many things. He couldn't help her and only seemed to be enjoying reading books and drawing. Moreover, she was upset that her father allowed Kaiden many things that she wasn’t allowed to do.

One day Vanessa got beaten up badly in training. However, her father still made her chop firewood and clean the weapons and dojo. Kaiden had noticed how hard Vanessa was working so, he offered to help Vanessa with her chores. She hated Kaiden's gesture more than anything, until Kaiden handed her a perfect portrait of Bruce. Tears filled her eyes, eventually, she opened up and accepted Kaiden's help. And gradually she didn't seem to be too annoyed being around Kaiden anymore. She also found Kaiden's drawings very impressive. As a self-taught artist who was mainly designing robot blueprints, she took an interest in traditional art.

The two had talked about Beiton technology a lot. Vanessa expressed her concern for the animals in the entertainment business. She wanted to free them and one day replace them with Beiton animals. She had gotten inspired by the existence of Timmy. Kaiden found her idea interesting as well. He thought, that it would be a lot easier to create Beiton animals and they should try that over creating humans.

Vanessa asked Kaiden to be her traditional arts teacher. In return, Kaiden asked Vanessa to allow Timmy to take her virtual martial arts program. From then on, Vanessa logged in for Timmy every day, for him to train.

It took many months of work, but finally, Kaiden and Vanessa managed to create Beiton animals together. They tried to keep them away from Jiro. Yet one day, Vanessa accidentally pulled a Beiton rabbit out of her hat whilst practicing a magic trick. Both teenagers were scolded for not talking about their experiments. Yet Vanessa could see how proud her father was of them (for one of the first times).

From then on, Jiro ordered for the two to create utensils that could be used during the shows. As the Beiton Central server didn’t allow for weapons to be eingineered out of Beitons, Kaiden and Vanessa had to come up with different solutions. Eventually, these two young rogue artists have created many powerful gadgets. In order to conveniently hide the blueprints of these tools, Vanessa converted the blueprints into digital data and stored in Kaiden's paintings. 

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