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"Quantum String Master"

Name: Ivy Hamlyn

Age: 22

My name is Ivy Hamlyn and I’m a Quantum String Master. I am different from any quantum manipulators in this world because I control Xeitons.

Ivy Character Design



My life changed when my father became incapacitated from an assassination attempt by the legendary assassin Beiton pianist Mark Kuznets. My father, informed me his contingency plan named the “Arbiter Initiative” and guided me to Silvia, a A.I. with my late mother’s persona. She’s the gatekeeper of Xeitons, the only potential trump card to combat the chaos caused by the quantum manipulators.


Under Silvia’s mentorship, I started learning how to master their manipulation. Xeitons are the last known element of nature that we cannot interact with Beitonian technologies. They have their own unique properties which make them extremely difficult to control. It took me three years to master the fundamentals.

This story takes place during my first year as a quantum String Master, while I was training under Silvia. The Arbiter Initiative was a plan to harness and use the Xeiton energy in order to neutralize the threat posed by the quantum manipulators.

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