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Name: Timmy "Leong" Nolan

Age: 8​ (Humanoid Age) 

Special Abilities:

  • The original and only self-conscious Beiton Humanoid composed by Kaiden's Beitons.

  • Trained and mastered all types of physical combat skills.

  • Immortal from almost anything

  • Can pulverize into Beiton particles and travel to anywhere as he wishes

  • Can shapeshift into creatures drawn by Kaiden

  • Wields his signature weapon the Kinga Staff, which is a hybrid of a three-section staff, a bo-staff, a spear and two daggers 

At the time, many giant tech companies were eager to develop the first true Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that would allow Beitons to produce a body with its own consciousness. The accident occurred in Kaiden's apartment created the first Beiton human with its own self-consciousness. Nobody, even Kaiden himself, knew how was Timmy created. But he was acquired through the combination of his father's level 5 Beiton and mother's blood. Timmy Leong had the same look as Kaiden's late younger brother Timmy Nolan. 

Timmy had his own personality. He had some fragmented memories of the old Timmy. Beiton Timmy was extremely strong. Kaiden kept Timmy's true identity in secret.  

Combat Training and the Kinga Staff:

After both parents gone, Timmy helped Kaiden escaped from the Child Service Center. Kaiden had to keep in an extremely low profile to maintain his freedom. Kaiden kept using his artistic skills working in at a tattoo shop in a rough community. 

Living Armor Water Application

Timmy was helping Kaiden with running his tattoo shop. With level 5 Beitons and a small corner shop that's already been paid for, Kaiden really didn't make much to survive. He always had big dreams about doing big things, but his physical condition had hindered him very much. 


One day, a girl named Vanessa walked into the shop and wanted to have a fresh tattoo of "操这世界” (or the "F the world" in English) on her arm. Kaiden asked her to reconsider her decision and they got into a fight. She immediately whispered to Kaiden that she knew Timmy's true identity. Kaiden was shocked and ordered Timmy to threaten Vanessa to not to reveal Timmy's secret. She turned on a Beiton Server and rendered a very unique weapon, she called it the Kinga Staff. It's a hybrid of four weapons. 

She said she would trade the weapon with Kaiden's service. Being a brilliant artist, Kaiden was able to create an art design to satisfy Vanessa's expression. She was very impressed by Kaiden's artistic skills and she became a frequent shop visitor afterwards. 

From then on, Timmy started to train with his Kinga Staff. He mastered the use of all of its four weapons. To prevent Timmy from hurting people, Kaiden ordered Timmy to never use the blades of Kinga Staff on any human unless he's facing an equal threat level enemy. 


Kinga Staff

Kinga Staff
Timmy Leong
Ivy vs Timmy
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