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Harmony Unleashed: the Choreography of Ivy's D-String Resonance

Ivy manipulates the D string resonance to free her father, who's trapped in a blackhole prison
Harmony Unleased: The Choreography of Ivy's D-String Resonance


In the ethereal stillness of a mystical realm, Ivy stood before an imposing force prison that held her father captive. The prison, a miniature black hole, exuded a gravitational force that seemed insurmountable. Ivy's eyes, resonant with determination, surveyed the swirling abyss as memories of her father echoed in her mind.

With a deep breath, Ivy's fingers gracefully embraced the D string of her instrument from the Harmonic Plane, hummed with an otherworldly energy.

Moving her hands in a choreography only she understood, the strings responded like extensions of her will, weaving a harmonic tapestry that danced through the air. The force prison, a cosmic whirlpool, began to quiver in response.

Dissonant notes reverberated, creating ripples in the very fabric of the prison's existence. Ivy's movements commended the strings from the Harmony Plane to crumble the gravitational constraints. The weak force, manipulated with precision, whispered secrets to the core of the black hole.

The once insurmountable gravitational force trembled. At last, the resonance breached critical points, and with a surge of energy, shockwaves cascaded through the black hole's essence.

The blue aura flared brightly as Ivy's father emerged from the dissipating energies, freed from the cosmic vortex. The String Master, had orchestrated a symphony of liberation against the cosmic forces, and her father stood liberated, the embodiment of freedom itself.

Artist Note:

I did this piece on a live stream based on a reference photo of Jisoo. Here is the reference photo. To be honest, this is a very bad reference photo because there are no strong key lights to illuminate distinct contours on Jisoo's face, which made my subject naturally look very flat. So for the longest time, I was having trouble to make the image pop. In the end, I was happy with my result. And doing this live, even with no one tuning in, still makes me nervous. Most developing artists still not quite there with the skills and often self-doubt, especially when the project is going through the "ugly" phase. Therefore having strong, good reference pictures of the model is crucial.

Personally I have done this long enough time that I believe myself that I can produce something that will satisfy me in the end. But the process still involves lots of experimentations and low confidence strokes.

Reference Photo: Kim Jisoo

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