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D-String: the Power of the Weak Force

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

As Ivy focuses her mind on maintaining the correct vibration of the D-string, she notices a faint teal aura emanating from the string, signaling that she's entering the frequency envelope of the weak force. But sustaining it is going to be the real challenge.

Silvia's voice echoes in her mind, "I'm introducing you to D-string first because it manipulates the weak force of our world. This force is relatively weaker in its effects on the macroscopic world and that gives you more room for error. Remember, Ivy, just like playing the violin, sustaining the D-string requires correct tension, breathing, and finger pressure. You need to monitor the string closely and make micro-adjustments to maintain the pitch."

Ivy takes a deep breath, feeling the vibration of the D-string resonate within her. She visualizes the subatomic bonds of a boulder weakening and breaking apart. She can see the teal aura emanating from the D-string in front of her, signaling that she has successfully tuned it to the correct frequency.

With a deep breath, she steadies herself and concentrates on sustaining the vibration. The aura on the string grows brighter and more intense, and she feels the boulder start to tremble in response. Suddenly, the aura flickers, and the boulder shudders into pieces flying across the room.

"Did I do it?" Ivy looks at Silvia for approval.

Silvia shakes her head, "Our goal is to disintegrate the boulder to ashes, not shatter it into rocks. The D-string manipulation requires focus, control, and persistence. Keep practicing, and you'll get there!"







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