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Uncovering the Truth at Event Zero

A deafening plasmatic explosion shakes the windows violently, causing glasses to shatter into a million pieces. After the chaos settles, Jason lifts the blinds cautiously to take a look outside. With his sensitivity to sound waves, he feels the vibrations of the airwaves against his skin, trying to extract any information he can from the chaos. He concentrates on the wave patterns and puts his hand on the window frame, hoping to decipher what's going on at event zero.

Although the vibrations are intense, Jason focuses on the task at hand. With his enhanced hearing, he listens for any sounds that might provide a clue about what happened. He senses the energy of the blast and determines its direction. As he concentrates on the airwaves, a faint voice in the air catches his attention. It's a young girl speaking to herself just five seconds before the explosion.

Jason strains to listen but cannot make out the distorted words. He quickly moves his hand to a different area to try to extract more information. Finally, he hears the girl's voice clearly saying, "Mother, I'm gonna DIE!" The voice sounds extremely familiar, sad, and sweet like a soprano. He listens to more noise from different spots but cannot find any clear information until he hears someone saying,

"Please say your name to enter." Sounds like a voice from a biometric system. The voice answers, "Ivy Hamlyn."

Jason's heart skips a beat as he realizes the identity of the girl. Jason's mind races with possibilities: Was Ivy the victim? Was she involved in the blast or merely a witness to the chaos that ensued? Was she dead? Determined to uncover the truth, Jason knows he needs to find out exactly what happened to Ivy. He takes a deep breath and prepares himself for what lies ahead. With his hand still on the window frame, he jumps out of the window and runs towards the direction of the explosion. He's going to uncover the truth about Ivy's role in the event zero.

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