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Vanished Connection

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Jason Kuznets reminiscent on a glass shard with a glass of red wine in his hand

Much of the memory of what happened four years ago has faded, even certain features of Ivy's face have become indistinguishable. However, the pure determination in her eyes and the reflection of tears mixing with regret for letting her go remain vivid in Jason's mind. Perhaps that's the reason Jason holds onto the past so tightly and can't let it go.

"If what you're telling me is true, it would be insane for you to go to your dad's office now! There has to be another way!" Jason shouted, trying to shake some sense into the girl's head with his loud voice.

"Okay, look," she responded, sounding older than her years, "I know what I'm saying makes no sense, but my instincts are telling me that my dad's message is a true calling. I would never forgive myself if I didn't go find out for myself. I understand that you're scared and that everyone else is running in the opposite direction right now. I feel the same way. But I'm going to follow his guidance, and if it leads to a dead-end, I'll figure out a way when I get there." Ivy turned around and briskly walked towards the iconic building in the Liberty Union District.

Jason wanted to grab her, but instead, he stood frozen in place. It felt like a suicide mission, a choice between his own life and saving his friend. As time ticked by, his indecision ultimately made the decision for him. Ivy's shadow gradually faded into the dust.

Now, four years later, Jason has gained a wealth of experience. The young kid has transformed into a stronger and more capable young man. Six months in the Academy and two years working in the field have molded him. With his secretive ability to extract sensational information from objects, Jason has become a rising star within his precinct. However, an unusual incident occurred last weekend when a boy named Owen Sumter went missing from his house. It was the same boy Jason found lost on the street and dropped off at his house. Something felt off, and Jason's instincts urged him to ask more questions, but he didn't. It was the same feeling of regret he had when he let Ivy leave that day, unaware it would be the last time they saw each other.

It's a quiet Tuesday night, the slowest time of the week. Jason orders a cheap red wine and reminisces over a glass shard he collected from the location of the explosion that marked Ivy's final moments. He runs his fingers along the sharp edge of the glass, trying to feel the scene once again. There's no doubt in his mind that Ivy vanished just before the explosion. While people believe she perished in the blast, Jason has a different belief. It's the same lingering mystery surrounding Dr. Robert Hamlyn's disappearance.


"如果你告诉我的是真的,现在你去你爸爸的办公室简直疯了!一定有其他方法!" 杰森大声喊道,试图用他的高声来唤醒女孩的现实感。

"好吧,听着,孩子," 她听起来并不像个孩子,"我知道我对你说的话毫无意义,但我的直觉告诉我爸爸的信息是真正的呼唤。如果我不亲自去弄个明白,我将终生无法原谅自己。你有权利感到害怕,跟现在所有人一样朝相反的方向逃跑。对我来说也一样,我将遵循他的引导,如果是死胡同,我到那里后再想办法。" 艾薇转身快步走向自由联合区的标志性建筑。


如今四年过去了,经历了许多。那个孩子已经变成了一个相当有能力的年轻人。从学院毕业六个月,实地工作两年。凭借他秘密的特殊能力从物体中提取出光感和音频信息,杰森在他所在的辖区逐渐成为了崭露头角的办案明星。直到上周末发生的那个奇怪事件,一个叫 欧文 桑姆特 的男孩从他家失踪了。这是 杰森在街上发现并送回家的同一个男孩。他感觉有点不对劲,但他没有问更多的问题。这和他当初让艾薇离开的感觉一样。每一秒他都后悔自己没有勇气追寻他的朋友,没有意识到那是他们最后一次见面。

这是一个宁静的星期二晚上,一周中最慢的时候。杰森点了一杯廉价的红酒,回忆起他从标记着艾薇最后时刻的爆炸现场收集到的一块玻璃碎片。他用手指沿着玻璃的锋利边缘摩擦,试图再次感受那个场景。他心中毫无疑问,艾薇在爆炸之前就消失了。尽管人们相信她在爆炸中丧生,但杰森有不同的信念。这与罗伯特 海默林博士失踪的悬而未决之谜相同。

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