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Prologue 0 -1 The Ephemeral Melody of Silent Solitude

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The auditorium hushed to a soft murmur of anticipation as an elegant young violinist stepped onto the stage. The spotlight bathed her in a warm glow, illuminating the delicate features of her face and the gleaming instrument nestled in her hand. Her deep green eyes glistened with a mix of nerves and determination, radiating an undeniable sense of purpose.

The night blue fabric of her dress fluttered gracefully as she stood at the edge of the stage, emanating an air of elegance that belied her youth. A subtle smile reflects the quiet excitement that thrummed within her.

The young violinist's gaze shifted toward the empty seats before her. Her heart longed for a familiar presence, but this absence only fueled her resolve. With a composed breath, she raised the violin to her chin, feeling the cool touch of the polished wood against her skin—an intimate reminder of countless hours spent in dedicated practice, grounding her in the strength of her own determination.

Unbeknownst to her, on this very night, the strings of her destiny were being woven, and as the notes echoed in that auditorium, she was already taking her first steps towards becoming the quantum string master, a beacon of light and melody in the midst of darkness.

前言 0 - 1 幽光瞬影里的寂寞旋律





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