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Moment of Clarity

Mark stands on the rooftop, his fingers moving expertly over the keys of his piano as Robert Hamlyn approaches the edge of the building.

"I hate to see the greatest Robert Hamlyn going out like this," Mark says, not looking up from the piano. "It's nothing personal. But your enemy is paying my bill."

Robert feels his legs weakening, and he stumbles a bit. He tries to resist the hypnotic effect of Mark's music, but it's overwhelming. He hears Mark's words, but they sound distant and unreal.

"You know what?" Mark says, standing up from the piano. "It's too easy and unfair to you. Come back and let's have one last moment before I send you off."

Robert feels a moment of clarity. He knows he doesn't have much time left. He thinks of his daughter Ivy, and his heart aches with regret. He closes his eyes, says a silent apology to her, and then he makes a sudden move. It's the only move he can make. He jumps off the building by himself.

"Shit!" Mark rushes to the edge of the building and looks down. Far down at the bottom of the building, he sees a person lying in a pool of blood.

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