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The experimental nanobots made before the Beitons. These nanobots were less sophisticated and could only form into basic elements. Xeiton formed objects were rudimentary and weak. As the BeitonNanoTech Corporation were developing their Xeiton products, they produced many failed experimental prototypes. Dr Hamlyn secretively saved these nanobots in the company's robo-graveyard. Over the years, he had collected a copious amount of these nanobots.  


Dr Hamlyn had not had a plan for the Xeitons until his "Arbiter's Initiative" to rebel against a secret organization named the Joseki's Followers. He spent about one year using his personal resource to develop a controlling server named Silvia.   

Unlike with Beitons, Xeitons are not connected to a Central Server. They are controlled by a private server named Silvia. At this moment in time, only Ivy Hamlyn is able to access Silvia. Dr Hamlyn had always been scared about malicious people abusing the power of these nanorobots. So, he made sure that only Ivy could use these Xeitons.



Still very much mourning the death of his wife, Dr Hamlyn fed all chats, conversations, pictures and videos into Silvia. He wasn’t quite sure if it would work, but the server took on the personality of his late wife. Dr Hamlyn knew that potential danger was ahead for him, so he wanted to create a parent figure for his daughter Ivy. He also wanted to create something that Ivy would trust.

Ivy wears Silvia as an earring. As she put the earring in for the first time, Silvia collected Ivy’s DNA to connect with her. 

After their first encounter, at first, Ivy was so excited for the amount of nanorobots she had gained. However, she soon realized that her new nanorobots were very less sophisticated and couldn't form anything useful for her to use. Not only that, she also lost her personal Beiton particles as well. Silvia hinted to Ivy that in order to use Xeitons at their maximum effectiveness, she needed to deactivate Xeiton's immature A.I. When she tested out, her Xeitons became so reactive and tons of disastrous phenomena were about to occurred that she had to quickly turned the safety switch back on. She became afraid of using her Xeitons and thought they were useless until her uncle introduced her to the true secret locked behind these special nanobots.

Peiton Explosion

To effectively use Xeitons required a tremendous amount of mental power. The only way to achieve that level of mental strength was going through a special training program. And the learning curve was extremely steep. 


Over two years of living and breathing in the training program, Ivy and Silvia had mastered the skill of controlling the Xeitons to an almost full potential. This however, the medications Ivy had to take to boost her mental concentration left in a very fragile mental state in almost everything else that she was doing. Though seemingly strong on the outside, she barely holds it together on the inside. Most of her day would be spent on taking the right medication, working out and a very strict diet, in order to stay relatively healthy and mentally stable.

From time to time, Silvia had to block Ivy’s Xeitons to prevent her from doing impulsive things. So, she acts as moral compass for Ivy as well.

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