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Beiton Corp Founders

Robert Hamlyn 

Throughout his whole life, Robert Hamlyn had always been described as ‘a genius’. He’d always been curious about everything! But as his parents sat him in front of a computer at the age of 6, he found his true passion: technology. Only two years later, he switched schools, to go a tech-focussed academy. Even as a teenager, Robert would rather spend his time in his parent’s basement. One snowy winter evening, he and his younger brother Allen were watching a documentary about nanotechnology. Robert had never really known what he actually wanted to do in life, but that very documentary settled it for him. He wanted to work on practical nanotechnology. So, developing interesting robotics. though quite a lot of children were living in the neighbourhood, he was never too interested in making close friends and exploring the world. Instead, he and his little brother, who looked up to him and was always keen to help, spent their afternoons working on small nanorobot prototypes. 

That changed, once Robert got a scholarship to study at one of the top universities in the country. There, he met many people like Kaipo, who were thinking just like him. From then on, he enjoyed socializing and talking about his latest development in nanotechnology. On one of these nights, he was getting close to finishing his degree, he met his future wife Livia. Though she wasn’t very much interested in technology, as she was studying psychology, they connected over a similarly isolated upbringing. Livia was the youngest child of .. Five. Her parents had only planned to send their oldest daughter to college, leaving their youngest with little choice. But Livia was a strong woman, she studied as hard as she could, eventually earning her a scholarship as well. Most students from the university despised Livia and Robert for their background, yet it made their connection even stronger.

In the last year of his course, Robert, Livia, Kaipo and his girlfriend Jane grew very close to each other. Already having built his first functional prototypes and looking for investors, Robert talked about wanting to start his own company. Kaipo, at the time saw Robert’s potential, and, always keen in making more money and gaining more recognition, convinced his secret group to fund their start-up.  Together, they named their company the BeitonTech Corporation. 

Within only three years, Robert’s company grew from a garage tech company into a gigantic cooperation with strong manpower and brains in nanotechnology development. That was thanks to Robert and Kaipo being the masterminds behind the company’s focus project. Robert and Livia had gotten married a few weeks after the companies’ first birthday. Though Robert was a busy man, he always made sure to have enough time for his family. The birth of their first child should have completed their luck. Yet unfortunately, Livia died due to complications. To Robert, Livia couldn’t be replaced by any woman. He tried his best to raise his daughter Ivy by himself. But it didn’t take long until he noticed, that being the CEO of a massive cooperation and a single Dad was an impossible challenge. He wanted to give her all opportunities in the world! But he also needed to work on his company and wind down as well. That’s why, after interviewing dozens over dozens of people, Robert found Henrietta. She became their housekeeper and Ivy’s babysitter, up until she was 12 years old. Henrietta was in her late 50s when Robert hired her. Though a bit old-fashioned, she had a heart of gold. Ivy and her got along so well, that she eventually started to call her grandma. Henrietta became a trusted family member, as she was Ivy’s sole mother figure in her life. 

As the company was getting more and more spotlight around the world, Robert and Kaipo also started to have more and more different views where they wanted the future of the company to be. Robert cared about the technology bringing good to society but Kaipo  only cared about making more profit. Robert saw, that his friend Kaipo could become a potential danger to the future of his company and the society… At one opportunity when he setup a trap and discover Kaipo’s secret operation within the company, he worked with Allen and convinced the company’s Board of Directors to fire Kaipo at cause. From then on, Robert and Allen were the heads of the company.

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