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An Excerpt from Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Passage study:

"I found four more shots of the corpse and arranged them next to each other on the floor. The smooth marble-white skin of the cadaver stretched tightly over his musculature, as if the body had no fat at all, only lean muscle. Not a single hair marred the epidermis. The scrotum looked shriveled and unusually small in size. I needed a close-up of the hand but there was not one. Somebody had dropped the ball. It did not matter too much, since all of the other telltale signs were there. Even without the nails, the conclusion was plain. I was looking at a dead vampire."

I found this description of a dead body from a crime scene interesting.

New vocabulary:

cadaver - cadaver has the same meaning as corpse. I've learned today that the word cadaver is used instead of the word "corpse" because "cadaver" sounds more impersonal. The word "corpse" is more evocative. Both words mean dead human body.

"Not a single hair marred the epidermis." Interesting way of describing a perfect smooth skin. Epidermis is the most outer layer of the skin. The word "mar" means impair the appearance.

Scrotum - word of the day. Scrotum is the skin that holds the testicles.

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